Is a Mobile Website Essential for Small Businesses?


Is a Mobile Website Essential for Small Businesses?

In a word, "yes."

Mobile website traffic has surged from a mere 2% to a significant 32.23% of total web traffic in the past few years, and it's showing no signs of slowing down. Just take a glance around you, and you'll notice that most people are constantly connected to their mobile devices. They use their phones for everything, from settling debates by Googling answers to searching for products, finding directions with Google Maps, locating a restaurant for dinner, to catching up with friends on social media.

With this in mind, picture a scenario where a customer or potential customer thinks of your business, product, or service and reaches for their phone to look you up. If you can envision this, then read on...

At Jibba Web, we firmly believe that it has never been more crucial for small businesses to present themselves effectively on mobile devices. Redirecting mobile users to a desktop version of your site no longer suffices. Users are quickly discouraged and will abandon your site if the experience is clunky, if text and links are too small to click, or if there's an overwhelming amount of content on the page that's challenging to read on a mobile screen.



So, what can you do to address this?

The excellent news for small businesses is that it doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming. Many web development companies will incorporate what's known as "responsive design" into your website's design right from the start. Responsive design ensures that your website's content is dynamically resized and restructured to fit the screen of any device it's viewed on. Some content may be condensed or even omitted for tablet and phone versions. For instance, a three-column design may transform into a one-column design, and navigation may be streamlined to include only the two most vital links.

Once these design choices have been made, the template is established. When you update the text on your primary website, those changes will automatically reflect on your mobile site because both are connected to the same database.

Our website and blog are excellent examples of responsive design. To fully comprehend it, you can shrink your desktop browser and observe how the content rearranges and resizes itself. Then, view the site on your phone and note the differences. You'll find that the mobile version is simple, clear, and easy to read.

Rest assured, all the sites we create are mobile-ready and incorporate responsive design. So if you have an older website that isn't Mobile friendly we would be happy to fix that. 




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