Our Process

It's not Rocket Science. We keep it simple because it works!


At Jibba Web we like to make things as easy as possible for our customers so our customer  journey is designed with you in mind.



1: Select Your Package

Visit our Package Comparison page and pick the website package that aligns most closely with your business requirements. Rest assured, if you can't find a package that matches your needs, we can craft a customized package tailored specifically to you! If you're uncertain about which website package to opt for or have any inquiries, feel free to reach out to us. You can get in touch by clicking on this link.


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2. Tell us about your business

Prior to commencing work on your website, we aim to gain a deeper understanding of you and your business. This way, we can tailor your website to meet your specific needs. Once you've acquired your website package, we'll send you a link to our straightforward design form via email.

Crafting a website involves various considerations, our design form will help you pick colors if you like, upload your logo,and has space to let us know the kind of things you like so don't hesitate to provide as much information as you'd like about yourself and your company.

Remember to use the builder form to attach your text content for each page* [click for a quick video on how to do this] If you have photos let us know and we will send you a link so you can upload these for our design team to receive




3. Add features and integrations

Depending on what package you choose there are a number of features and integrations we can add, for example, need a link to calendly button, we can add that, need a blog adding? Want to drag and drop and create your own layouts?, We can add that, just tick from the available boxes to let us know.

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Build Icon


4. Design and initial build

Once we have the above sorted we can create a sample homepage to give you a feel for how the wesite will look, once you are happy with that we will create the other pages



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5. Review and refine

Your website is ready for proofing, we will send you a link to a test build on our servers here we will correct anything in the copy that needs changing and tweak anything that needs tweaking. We will review the website on multiple devices to make sure everything is perfect then its on to launch.


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Launch Icon
Launch Icon


6. Ready to launch

We’ve reached the end but the journey doesn’t stop there, once the website is live we will behind the scenes register it with the main search engines. And submit a sitemap to google for quicker ranking and listing.




Included with all of our websites:

A user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) is provided as a standard feature, allowing you to effortlessly modify both images and text. This grants you full autonomy over your content and even create or delete additional pages.

We ensure that your new website is mobile-friendly and appears beautifully on all web browsers and devices. Regardless of the device being used, your website will automatically adapt to provide the best display on the screen's size.

We submit your website to the main search engines and optimise your content through practice SEO that will help your website rank well.

Each includes a number of high quality stock images to bring your website to life, you can even supply your own, our retouching experts can enhance them to look their best.

Every one of our packages includes the first year of hosting, a domain name and ssl certificate at no additional cost, ensuring you can swiftly establish an online presence. We not only handle the design and construction of your website but also manage the hosting and publication on your selected domain.

Our websites are designed to fit with your logo and brand. If there is a specific visual aspect you wish for us to keep in mind then let us know and we will do out utmost to ensure the website is complimentary to your brand.

We systematically monitor our websites to ensure all software is up to date so that you don't have to worry about the technical bits.

Our support is provided through Jibba Jabba’s support desk, which is manned by the fabulous team Jibba. Here to help and solve any issues as quickly as possible.

Its easy to share your website with just a couple of clicks

Make it easy for your customers to reach you and build a list of contacts so you know who your customers are.


Ready to get started? Choose from our website packages and let’s get your business website built and online now.